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Caramia Visick

California Gift Show, L.A. Convention Center January 23-26 Vintage #1154 (Trade only)

Tucson Gem Show, DoubleTree Hilton Reid, Grand Ballroom, February 1-9, "To Bead True Blue", G105 (Open to Trade and Public!) 

SF International Gift show, February 20-23, Moscone, Vintage 809 (Trade only) 

It's stress time!! I leave for my first show In 7 days! And because these are shows that the buyers take the jewelry with them, I need a lot of stuff!!!! So it's a daily push! Today I'm making big swallow brooches. Yesterday we made cicada necklaces. We are casting new stuff and I have to figure out how those are going to be strung! Yikes!! Somehow when the show comes around and people start shopping, I'm relieved I can take a break from the assembly and design! It's craziness! 

Heres the pieces I'm working on now: 

I'm casting ALL THESE CAMEOS! 


Plus casting black bird! I may do bone next! 

Plus casting black bird! I may do bone next! 


Casting red cameo at top left, cherries and red bird. These will make the line seem spring and happy! 

Now to make them into beautiful pins and necklaces!