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Website coming soon!

caramia visick

I apologize my website has taken me sooo long to finish and get together!  I’m half way there! One of my goals is to get it done by the end of summer because I’d love to plan an anniversary party and sale! (It has been 3 years at my Berkeley location and 17 years in business! Whoa!) 

Summer is here and I am just trying to get things made quickly and get orders out. It’s just me now— making everything and holding my breath that I’ll get through the holidays without assembly help! 


Dashed down to L.A. to look for some cool ornaments and gift items for the holidays! 

Found these lovely pine cones! Very cool and giant!  


This is one of my favorite things below! This rhinestone bow brooch is handmade and handcast  in L.A.! Yes I ordered at least 4! Plus lots of amazing pieces! 


The show was also in full swing for spring! Flocked giant bunnies in every color! 


Got these interesting folk art heads! Really love them!  


Another great thing they had were tons of great Christmas cards! I can’t wait to get some of these in the shop! 


Of course Scully came with! She was tuckered our from the heat but was a good sport and was very good!